Communicate effectively with information professionals

It’s harder than ever to get your message across to professional readers. Publishing may be getting simpler technically but the huge volume of material aimed at your audience means that your publications have to work harder than ever.

Readers of research reports, white papers, technical specifications and the like have become professional consumers of information. They develop strategies to get the information they need with minimum effort. To get through to them you need to construct and distribute your publications with special care.

Mobile devices offer exciting opportunities

Your audience is embracing the mobile web with enthusiasm. Phones and tablets offer them new time-efficient ways to consume information. If your publications don't maximize these opportunities you're likely to lose out.

We can help

John Whitehead Publishing has extensive experience in this field and offers a range of services to increase the effectiveness of your communications. We combine excellent editorial skills with technical savvy, and call on the skills of a range of designers and and programmers for specific technical requirements. We know Blue Matrix especially well and can offer assistance with assessment, installation and upgrades of that system. We're confident that we can help solve publishing problems large and small and contribute to the success of your communications with this special audience.

Some recent projects:


Royal Bank of Canada




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